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How Oregon’s five-point plan to combat the omicron variant has fallen short


A line of people stand in a parking lot waiting to get tested for COVID-19. There are orange traffic cones lining up next to them and a white tent under which people are getting tested.

A COVID-19 testing on Northeast Oregon Street saw a steady trickle of customers Thursday, Jan. 6, as testing numbers, and positivity rates, spiked amid a surge of infections.



On Dec. 17, after public health officials began to fully grasp the enormity of the potential health care crisis the state faced due to the highly contagious omicron variant, Gov. Kate Brown and the Oregon Health Authority rolled out a five-point plan to flatten the curve, protect vulnerable Oregonians and blunt the coming surge’s impact on the already beleaguered health care system.

That predicted wave has now landed full force. The surge in cases and hospitalizations has already swamped hospitals, long-term care facilities, testing clinics and other health providers, which are experiencing critical staffing shortages.



COVID-19 Booster Shots Can Wait

Vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 are proving quite safe and highly effective in the prevention of COVID-19, especially severe and/or fatal disease.

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